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1. Picking a Niche Analysis Walk-Thru Example

picking-a-niche-ppg-coverHave you ever wondered how the more successful affiliate marketers go about choosing their keywords and niche topics? What things do they look at to decide on keyword/niche competition? Defining if the niche is big enough and will make sales?

In this guide, you will get an “over the shoulder” look at how I approach a potential keyword niche to decide if I will – or will NOT – enter it.

Picking a Niche Walk-Thru from PotPieGirlGet Guide #1 ‘Picking a Niche Walk’ Thru Guide Here


2.  The Idea Machine

the-idea-machine-ppg-coverThis is a nifty little technique I use with a popular free tool to uncover what products are super popular and sought after right NOW.

I’ve never seen anyone else share this technique before and it’s SO effective.

I LOVE this technique – it’s how I get some of my best ideas (and it sure beats endless keyword research).This is a nifty little technique I use with a popular free tool to uncover what products are super popular and sought after right NOW.

I’ve never seen anyone else share this technique before and it’s SO effective.

I LOVE this technique – it’s how I get some of my best ideas (and it sure beats endless keyword research).

The Idea Machine from PotPieGirlGet Guide #2 ‘The Idea Machine’ from PotPieGirl Here


3.  The Ultimate Blog Post

ultimate-blog-post-ppg-coverWould you like to be able to rank ONE blog post for HUNDREDS… maybe even THOUSANDS of keywords? This guide shows how I do it.

This is something we all NEED to know how to do. The days of picking ONE keyword to target are over with Google – and that is GOOD news. Once you know how to optimize a page for hundreds or thousands of keyword phrases, you will see MUCH better results and traffic.

The Ultimate Blog Post by PotPieGirlGet Guide #3 ‘The Ultimate Blog Post’ from PotPieGirl here


4. Blog Post Mechanic

blog-post-mechanic-ppg-coverIf you’ve ever had a blog post that seemed to be doing well and moving up the ranks in Google only to see if stall out and STOP improving, you will LOVE this guide.

This guide contains 5 unique and simple steps to improve a stalled, or totally broken down, blog post.

Also very helpful for posts that never did well at all.

Learning to be a Blog Post Mechanic will be one of the most important ranking/blogging skills you will learn.

Blog Post Mechanic by PotPieGirlGet Guide #4 ‘Blog Post Mechanic’ from PotPieGirl Here


5. Marketing to Goldfish

marketing-to-goldfish-ppg-coverYep, that certainly is one odd name for a training guide, but it contains some very important lessons for those writing content that they want to not only rank well in Google with, but they also want that same content to CONVERT well into clicks and sales.

This guide is a how to do better with your readers AND please Google at the same time.

This guide also reveals a little-known free tool to make this strategy MUCH easier.

Marketing to Goldfish from PotPieGirlGet Guide #5 ‘Marketing to GoldFish’ from PotPieGirl Here


6. The Keyword Myth

keyword-myth-ppg-coverThis Bonus Guide was written out of sheer frustration because NO ONE else in this industry was mentioning this one VERY critical part about keyword research.

It is SO important to consider this BEFORE choosing keywords!

Once you understand this Keyword Myth, you will forever look at your keyword research totally different and be more effective in choosing your keywords.

The Keyword Myth from PotPieGirlGet Guide #6 ‘The Keyword Myth’ from PotPieGirl Here

7. So You Wanna Be An Authority Site?

soyouwannabeanauthoritysiteppgcoverI Bet You’re Not Doing THIS!

This PotPieGirl Bonus Guide is about a topic I’ve had on my mind (and on my “ideas list”) for quite some time.
Then recently, I had a few things happen that just really brought home the points I wanted to make – I had real stats to back it all up.

In this Bonus Guide, we’ll be talking about becoming an Authority Site…

and the ONE thing I bet you’re NOT doing that makes the difference between BEING an Authority site and being a self-serving site.

So You Wanna Be an Authority Site? Bonus Guide from PotPieGirlGet Guide #7 ‘So You Wanna Be An Authority Site’ Here

…more Bonus Guides to be released soon


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