PART 3: Niche Site Content Creation and Set-Up

Welcome back to my mini-series on profitable niche sites.

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In the last email, I talked about keywords…
finding those juicy long-tail keywords that
are SPECIFIC and ripe for those searchers
that know EXACTLY what they want to buy.

After I go thru my keyword research process,
I then head on over and get my content written here.

I LOVE that article writing service!

Very inexpensive…super quick turn-around –
and the writers are really good.

Having SPECIFIC long-tail keywords is a very
important part here…

When your keyword is specific, it’s easier
to have your content written to target that
EXACT phrase so the article/review is EXACTLY
what the searcher wants to find (and BUY from).

These types of specific longtail keywords come from consumers who

– Know exactly what they want

(or have already narrowed down what they want
by doing previous “general/info searches)

they type into Google EXACTLY what they want

(and these are generally very long-tailed, specific
phrases because they KNOW what they want)

– they find YOUR web page because these very specific
long-tailed phrases are easy to rank for.

Now, it’s up to your content to get the visitors
attention and get them to click thru and buy.

Make sure your content is GOOD…

and by “good”, I mean… it offers them what
they want to find (and click on).

I don’t mean prize-winning type content that
no one really reads… just what they want to find.

How long?  As long as it takes to truly cover the topic.

No more – no less.

Another perk of using very specific long-tail keywords:

You can actually cover that topic in one article and/or review.

==>>  I get my articles written here – great service!


Need more help for your niche sites?

How do you pick a niche?

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And please don’t look past one VERY awesome and profitable niche:

Here’s how to monetize your life with a unique niche site – it’s super fun AND super effective!

Want another profitable niche idea? Take a look at this highly-profitable niche.

How about another highly-profitable niche site idea?

This one might sound crazy, but…

Do you suffer from “Shiny Object Syndrome”?
If so, you are sitting on a GOLDMINE of a niche.

There is this great tutorial:  Guide To Cashing In On Shiny Object Syndrome

That guide is an excellent strategy for making money
from all the real cool stuff you buy online for your business.

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Want a totally unique niche?  Use this niche research tool – it’s made by affiliates for affiliates.

So, How do you set up your site?

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What Does a Highly Profitable Amazon Affiliate Site Look Like?

If you’ve ever wanted to see an example of a very
profitable Amazon affiliate site, look at this tutorial here.

Those above are all super helpful in making sure you
create a highly profitable niche site.

In the next email in this tutorial series, we’ll talk
about monetizing your content.

Keywords are great…and great content is great…
but if it’s all not monetized well – and properly –
none of the above means a hill of beans.

Have a great day!


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