PART 4 - Effective and Easy Niche Site Monetization

In the previous parts of this tutorial series,
I covered:

The 3 Ingredients of a Profitable Niche Site

Niche Site Keywords: How To Find Them

Content and Proper Set Up For Profitable Niche Sites

If you missed any of those previous lessons…

==>> You can read them all online here

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In this lesson, we’re going to talk about monetization.

Let’s talk about the easy way to effectively monetize your niche sites.
Once you have your keywords (lesson here)….
and got your content ready (lesson here)…

It’s time to put it all together on your site
and set it up to make money =)

==>> I use this AWESOME plug-in to monetize my sites

Since I do mainly Amazon affiliate links, that plugin
makes my life SO much easier.

Just watch this quick demo video below to see how it works….



Your monetization should be quick and painless…
(that’s why I love that plugin)

I don’t like to have to constantly leave my site
to go get my Amazon affiliate links, and this plugin
makes it so I don’t HAVE to.

I do it all right there on my site.



Make sure your content is EYE-CATCHING!

Images are the best (this plugin handles easy Amazon images for you)

And PLEASE, make sure your images are also Amazon links.

PEOPLE CLICK IMAGES – don’t waste that click!

Add Comparison tables… and Best Seller lists….info boxes

all that helps a ton as well (and this suite of plug ins does all that easily)

All those things make your content “easily digestible” and “scannable” –

both are important to keep people on your page until they see what they want to click.

Perhaps, over time, you’ve noticed a theme with me?

I L-O-V-E tools!

And I make sure I get tools that make it so I do NOT have to
leave my site EVER while creating and monetizing my niche pages.

Clicking back and forth between Amazon to get links and images…then to

photo editing software…then back to my site…etc etc – well, I HATE that!

I want all my tools accessible right from inside my WordPress dashboard –

preferably right ON my create post page.

Those are the types of tools that make me excited to work each day.

Here’s another one I love:

I also use this free plugin to monetize my sites with
other merchants like Overstock and Walmart and THOUSANDS of others.

(It’s a great plugin to use if you CANNOT be an Amazon affiliate
and/or to add additional income sources to your niche sites)

That is another tool I can use right inside my site while creating my niche page.

(note: If you don’t mind using another tool to make your affiliate images and buttons,

  this tool is really awesome and fun to use – and it’s VERY affordable.

  use coupon code:  PPGFRIENDS to save even more.)

If physical products are not your “thing”, then make a
review site…. follow this guide to review the things you
buy online for your business for profit.

(Yep, “Shiny Object Syndrome” can be very profitable!)

As for other links….

Make sure you have IN-content affiliate links as well –
not just images or “buy buttons”

This plugin does ALL types of links for me…so easy to use!

AND – make sure your niche web page has a great image
for social media sharing!

Something that will be eye-catching on Pinterest
and on Facebook.

Trust me, it makes a difference.

Again, I have a tool that makes it super easy
for me to do that RIGHT from inside my site.

==>> I use this plugin to make great “sharable” images

(Yep, another awesome tool that makes it so I do NOT have to leave my site!)

And please… make sure you break your content up into “chunks”…

Don’t have some endless long-paragraphed thing going on!

No one reads all that.

They just go “poof” and click back to Google –
and with it, you lose the chance of a sale…
AND the chance of your site continuing to rank well.

(Google does NOT like to rank sites that searchers
bounce right off of!)

Break it up into 2 or 3 sentence paragraphs…
lots of images (that are affiliate links)..
and buy buttons (great for mobile users)…
and charts and lists, etc etc etc…

and yes, this plugin does ALL that for me.
So there you have it –

The Three Things you need to make money with an Amazon niche site…

1.  Low-competition keywords (I use this keyword tool)

2.  Content targeting those keywords (I get my Reviews & articles written here

they also have a free plugin that will post your articles for you as well)

3.  An easy and effective way to monetize your content (I use this awesome plugin)


There is one more important ingredient – TRAFFIC.

I’ll talk about that next in a bonus lesson 😉

If you’ve missed previous lessons in this series:

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Have a great day!


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