Would You Like To Know The Secret To Making More Money As An Amazon Affiliate?

The “secret” to making more money as an Amazon affiliate is a 2-part recipe

1) Sell as many “low-ticket” products as you can –

Products in the $25 to $35 range sell like crazy on Amazon.  The more of these you sell each month, the higher your commission rate is for that month.  You should always have a lot of campaigns online promoting these lower-priced items.

Your Amazon.com Associate commission percentage is based on your volume of sales (ie, number of items shipped) during one calender month.  That final commission percentage is applied to ALL your sales that month (excluding categories that are capped at certain earnings levels – see your Amazon Associate agreement for details).


As you can see from the chart above, the more “things” you sell and have shipped each month, the more you will make from ALL your sales.

Once you’ve got those affiliate campaigns in place, then you add in the secret sauce….


2) Pick well-converting HIGH ticket products to promote

Just one commission from one high-ticket product sold each day makes a BIG difference to your monthly bottom line.

Let me tell you this – it is a LOT more fun to log in and check your Amazon earnings each day when you find nice big and juicy commissions like these:

 (yes, those are real earnings from inside my Amazon Associates account)




When you combine a higher commission percentage with high-priced products,

you’ve hit the ‘sweet spot’ as an Amazon affiliate.


But WHAT high-priced products should you promote?

How do you find the good ones?

First, let’s get one thing straight….

Amazon shoppers are not “bargain shoppers” – they spend a LOT of money on Amazon for the convenience and because of the trust they have in Amazon.

They don’t care as much about getting the best price as they care about getting it QUICKLY right to their door with no fear of how customer service will go or what will happen if they’re not 100% happy with their purchase.

That means major earnings potential for the affiliates who take the time and effort to be found online and help their readers find what they are looking for.

and many times, helping them find things they didn’t even know they wanted.

You see, Amazon knows exactly what they are doing to convert their site visitors to sales.

As an affiliate, we just have to get them to the Amazon site in the right frame of mind.

You can just as easily send them to high-ticket items as you can send them to low-ticket items.

It’s the same amount of work on your end, right?

Why promote something that will only earn you $2 per sale when you can put forth the same effort to promote something that could make you $200 per sale?

I spent the last few days hand-picking 60 really unique high-ticket items and have hand-chosen over 740 keywords to go with them.

I also added a very large amount of additional suggested longtail keyword phrases you can use to promote these items.

All of it is neatly put into one zip file that contains 60 txt files that you can open, edit, play with, easily copy/paste and add your own notes.

These are products I would promote….with the keywords I would use to promote them.

But being that I am only one person, there is NO WAY I could ever use all 740+ keywords for these products.

In fact, these products are from my secret stash…
and I haven’t used any of them –

and I will NOT use any of them now
because I am offering my secret stash to YOU.

Want an example?

Let’s take a look at these well-selling products on Amazon:


See those price tags?  Nice right?  They sure make for a healthy commission from just ONE sale, don’t they?

And best yet, see the reviews?  People ARE buying these things from Amazon each and every day.

Someone could be making a nice commission off those sales,

why not YOU?

To show what my product packs look like, here is one I put together for those products in the screenshot above.

Click here to see it (it will open in a new window)

Those keywords at the top are what I call my ‘low-competition root keywords’ – I simply pick one of those, modify it, and then target it with an online campaign.

Or, I use one of the longtail suggested keywords at the bottom of the list.

As you can see from that list, there are a LOT of different keywords to target on that one list that all work to promote the same type of high-ticket products.

You can get as specific as you want towards ONE product, you keep it more general to promote many products – the choice is totally yours.

One could possibly make a lot of money just from the keywords and keyword phrases on that one list

(that is, if they actually take action with it)

And I’m offering your SIXTY of those types of lists for 60 different types of high-ticket Amazon products.

While I will be keeping a close eye on how many of these packages get out into circulation, I have no fear of any of these products becoming “over-saturated” with promotions by affiliates using them.

I hope it goes without saying, but I do reserve the right to take these lists off the market at any time – with or without warning.


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