PART 2: Finding Low-competition buyers keywords for Niche Sites

Keywords….what a TOPIC, right?

And wow, people sure spread some bad info about finding them.

One of the falsehoods that makes my skin crawl is teaching
that one should only go after HIGH-volume keywords.

Here’s why *I* do NOT do that:

1. EVERYONE ELSE does that.

That means, those keyword spaces are majorly competitive.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather target keywords
where other marketers like me are NOT working.

2. High-Volume Keywords are Usually TOO General.

I want to look at a keyword phrase and know EXACTLY
what someone is looking for when they type it into Google.

For example, sure, it would be cool to rank for ‘golf gloves’.

And I imagine you’d make some sales by accident, but SPECIFIC,

long-tail keywords convert SO much better!

When I pick a keyword, I pick things that are specific.

Things like:

– left-handed golf gloves for women
– right-handed pink golf gloves for junior girls
– black nike golf gloves for cadet men
– best golf gloves for women under $25

See what I mean with those keywords?

When you look at them, you know EXACTLY what someone
is looking for when they type those phrases into Google.

AND…. the SEARCHER knows exactly what they want.

These types of keyword phrases are super “long-tail”
which means they are super easy to rank for…

AND… your content is FOUND by people who know
exactly what they want to BUY.

That’s the sweet spot =)

Here’s how I do it…

1. I use this keyword tool to find my golden “seed keywords”

I love that tool. It’s web-based, meaning I can use it
from anywhere I have access to the internet.

It also shows me all I need in one quick check.

(I hate tools that show SO much needless info… overwhelms me!)

I look for high-volume “seed keywords” that the tool
shows a “green dot” next to.

Green means “go” =)

Go ahead, give it my keyword tool a try right now…
remember, look for the green dot.

But wait, didn’t I say that I do NOT go for high-volume keywords?

That’s exactly what I said… here’s what I do next.
2. Type my “green dot seed keyword” into Google.

Yep, I head right over to Google and type my seed keyword in.

Then, I look at the bottom of the page at Google’s suggested searches…
and add things to the search bar to see Google’s suggestions there as well.

There’s GOLD in those suggested searches.

Google does not make them up!

They get those suggested searches from real searches.

I look for nice long-tail suggested searches that
are SPECIFIC… I know exactly what those
searchers are looking for – looking to BUY…

I can also get those “suggested searches” in
a great BIG list with the “Alphabet Soup” option
inside my keyword tool.

There are tons of great keywords in those lists!

I’ve also heard that people are getting great results with this niche research tool

It sure digs down into a niche to find the best keywords and best

affiliate offers to promote with the keywords.

It’s pretty nifty – check out the info video here.
Then, I go get my content written.

That’s in the next email – Part 3 – being sent out soon.
Have a great day!

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