PART 5 - Getting Traffic To Your Niche Site

Ok, let’s jump right in and continue with my bonus series of lessons
on creating a profitable niche site.

In previous lessons, we talked about:

– The 3 Ingredients of a Profitable Niche Sites

– Niche Site Keywords:  How To Find Them

– Content and Set Up For Profitable Niche Sites

– Easy and Effective Niche Site Monetization

If you missed any of those previous lessons…

==>>  You can read them all online here

In this Bonus Lesson, we’re going to talk about
getting traffic to your niche site.

First off, if you are following a similar system
like my keyword selection strategy, your odds
of ranking well and getting free traffic from
Google are excellent.

But we can all use MORE traffic, right?

For additional traffic and sales….

1.  I use my own Reverse Attack Marketing Method
to rank more web pages in Google, get more
traffic to my site, and to test niches and keywords
before I even make a page on my site.

Reverse Attack Marketing works GREAT for all of the above.

I L-O-V-E free-to-use sites…love leveraging their power in Google

and get my pages on their sites ranking highly and quickly.

GREAT for additional sales and traffic.

If you’re a fan of Reverse Attack Marketing or using free sites….

This new training is very similar to my R.A.M. Method– uses all free sites and works great.

2.  I also use social media – mainly Facebook and

I’ve notices that sites of mine that I do promote
socially tend to rank better on Google than those I do not share socially.

Plus, when you use good “sharable” images, those
social sites send great traffic as well.

I use this plugin to easily make great “sharable” images
on my sites – it’s fantastic!

I also implement Pinterest traffic strategies like this one.

It’s possible to make great sales and get serious traffic from

social sharing sites…. but yes, it can be time-consuming.
If you’re short on time each day, here is a great tutorial showing how to

get amazing traffic from Pinterest in only 30 minutes a day.

3.  Paid Traffic

I don’t do paid Google ads anymore, but I DO use
Facebook ads – they are very effective if you know
how to do it properly.

It also can be down-right cheap when done right as well.

This is a great tutorial on using Facebook ads and Fan Pages for traffic and additional sales.

Helped me a lot!

4.  Email Lists

Yep, having an email list is the BEST traffic you can get.

Years ago when I first started online, I avoided building
a list like the plague.

I seriously regret it!

I just didn’t know what to say in my emails or how to do it.

Those are BAD excuses for NOT doing it.

==>> This is a great tutorial for proper list building.

If you’re intimidated about starting an email list, or not sure what to DO with one,

this training will certainly set you on the right, and PROFITABLE, path.

It’s a skill you will be SO thankful you learned.

(your bank account will thank you, too!)

I use Aweber – have multiple accounts there.

Love them!  Reasonably priced and very reliable.


Yes!  Videos are GREAT for traffic!

A simple screenshot type video is plenty

(no, you do NOT have to be on camera)

and a service like this to easily get your videos out

and your videos are everywhere, ranking awesome in Google,
bring traffic and helping to make sales.

Don’t overlook videos or shy away from them.

6.  A new traffic-getting strategy I’m trying – that works Grrrrreat!

Ever looked at something online, and then everywhere
else you go, you see an ad for that thing?

That’s called “retargeting” – and it works VERY well.

The concept behind it’s effectiveness is quite simple:

stats show that people need to see something more than once before they buy.

That’s what re-targeting does – and why it boosts your earnings so well.

However, in the past, it’s been very difficult to
learn and to set up (lots of code involved).

But now, with this new awesome-sauce tool, you can
make those “retargeting ads” VERY easily.

And then people will see YOUR ads and affiliate links
all over the internet.

VERY effective!

==>>  Watch this video to see how it works (it’s really cool and super easy now)

That re-targeting strategy is something I am SUPER excited about for 2015.

I was excited about it in 2014, but it was darn complicated to get it to work.

Now that I have THIS tool, well, it’s game on!

Bottom Line

Those are SIX awesome ways to get more traffic and
make more sales.

That’s an entire business plan for your niche site –
and with my niche site strategy and those 6 traffic-getting
methods, you not only will make sales, you also are
not 100% reliant on Google.

One should NEVER EVER put all their niche site eggs
into Google’s basket.

Create multiple streams of income AND multiple streams of traffic.

(Yes, that statement is SO important that I had to type it in bright red!)

That protects your niche site business… so be smart
from the “git go” and apply all the strategies into
one big “rinse and repeat” profitable formula.

There is no one “Easy Button” – BUT –
when you have great tools that make you more
effective in the least amount of time… AND
you put together multiple systems for income
and traffic…

You created your OWN Easy Button.

Best part is, most other niche marketers are too
darn lazy to do all those things.

They think it’s too much work (silly other marketers!)

You know what I always say, right?

If you’re willing to do what others WON’T do….

Yep, YOU get what others DON’T get!

And if you really want to amp it up and take your income to a whole new level:

you can take YOUR “Easy Button” system that works for YOU –

and sell it to others to help them make money online.

It’s not hard at all!


This tutorial walks you through the process step-by-step.


That’s where the big money is made.

By following this strategy, you then have a list of your own BUYERS

(which opens up TONS of other income opportunities)

AND, you have your own affiliates making sales FOR you.

A list of buyers plus affiliates = MAJOR additional traffic and income!

Above all….

I’m an online marketer.

You’re an online marketer.

We work online to pay the bills, right?

I know I do  =)

I want the best tools and the best training to make ME the best I can be…

and yes, spend less time doing the work to be awesome…lol!

I am so thankful for all the training and tools I have bought over the years.

Even the crapola stuff.

All the work I put in previously has made my life, my workload, and my bank account better today.

When you do what other marketers won’t do, and work hard to get lots of

your affiliate links and campaigns out there all over the internet,

the sales keep coming for years to come.

I just had two brand new grandsons in the past few months….

This is them the other day:



That’s “Bug” on the left – he’s 5 months old…and that’s “Peanut” on the right – he’s almost 4 months old.

They’re cousins.  “Bug” is my daughter’s son and “Peanut” is my son’s son.

(obviously, those are my nicknames for them.  That’s not their real names…lol!)

I now have a total of FOUR grandchildren.

I worked very, very little over the Holidays…

and have done virtually nothing (by my standards) since the first of the year.

And I STILL wake up to daily earnings like this:


That’s ONE day’s earnings from just ONE income stream.

I have campaigns, and niche sites, and affiliate links, and free web pages, and email list campaigns,

and Facebook Fan Pages and ads, and Pinterest campaigns, and so much more ALL OVER the internet.

I cast my net FAR and WIDE.

The best advice I read when starting online was: Be EVERYWHERE

And I did that from the “git-go”.

If one income stream goes down (cough cough Squidoo cough cough)….

I have plenty others to carry me through the small speed bump.

And I’m always learning new strategies and buying new tools.


NEVER stop learning.


Niche sites are awesome – no doubt about it.

On their own, their pretty darn good,

but when you apply ALL the strategies we’ve talked about here,

they become AWESOME earnings machines.

This training program is hands-down the BEST and most COMPLETE niche site training I’ve come across.

And this training program is specifically for Amazon affiliate niche sites and is really very, very good.

They are both fantastic training courses that are taught by marketers

who are making BIG bucks DOING what they teach.

But they are both “pricey” training courses and many don’t want to invest that much in their online business.

I get that.

That’s why I test out all these other things so I know if they’re good or not.

I know you need training and tools too….

We all do.

By doing it this way you can “piece together” your own system as your budget allows.

I hope this multi-part niche site tutorial has helped you out!

You can find a complete index of this training here.

Or, start back over on Part 1 here.

Have a great day!





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